What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a trained professional who is passionate about healthy living in all areas of life and who wants to empower others to make that commitment to healthy living too. How Health Coaches choose to work with their clients varies depending on the services they choose to provide and what they choose to specialize in. But generally speaking, Health Coaches help their clients set goals to improve their health and wellness, create a plan to achieve their goals, address any negative habits or patterns that might prevent them from following through with their plan, and cultivate healthy habits that will help them thrive in life.

What Do Health Coaches Do?

Health Coaches work in collaborative partnership with their clients to help them follow through with their health goals, providing support, guidance, accountability, and encouragement along the way. Health Coaches don’t tell their clients what to do; they believe their clients already hold the answers to the challenges they face. Their skill lies in knowing the right questions to ask to uncover unhealthy habits and thought patterns that are keeping their clients stuck. Health Coaches meet with their clients virtually, by phone, or in person, for a set time over a period of several months, acting as an unbiased observer and identifying any limiting beliefs that could be hampering their client’s growth. They then work with their clients to master healthy habits through using a five-step transformational process.


– Health Coach Institute