How I Became a Health Coach

How It All Began

My world was turned upside down!  Unrecognizable, like so many others across the globe when the pandemic hit. This is how my story begins and why I became a health coach.

My life was a life of leisure, visits with our kids and grandkids, going on vacations with my husband and enjoying lunches with friends, just to name a few. However, on the flip side of leisure was my health. My physician has reminded me repeatedly, “Your full-time job is managing your fibromyalgia and chronic pain.”

Then it was as if my world suddenly,  Stopped!

I became very lonely because we were all being safe and not visiting or traveling anymore. My husband’s accounting firm was considered an essential business. He was working longer hours with an extended tax season.


Exploring Possibilities

It didn’t take me long to pull up the old boot straps and start exploring my possibilities. What now?  Should I finish that children’s book I had been writing?  I love volunteering, helping out in the community but with the pandemic, that wasn’t an option.  I heard many businesses were going remote, working from home. Could I do that? All these thoughts spinning around in my head.

I can’t really explain the why of it all,  but one day, I received a weekly email from Sue, a fibromyalgia author, speaker and coach. Right then and there, I decided to contact her. I figured since I had time on my hands I could learn a new tool for my fibromyalgia. Little did I know, what was coming next.


Uncovering A Dream – To Help Others

After sharing a little about myself, it didn’t take much time for Sue to make an observation. She felt I had a good  handle on my fibromyalgia. I agreed. She asked what are two things I most want to accomplish. That was easy, an author of a children’s picture book and a life coach. Sue said I lit up when I said life coach.

She also shared that I would make a great fibromyalgia coach because I had a lot of life experiences. I felt humbled and honored when she shared that with me.  Becoming a fibromyalgia coach really resinated with me because I knew I could help others.


New Path

This new quest brought both excitement and nervousness. Now I had a new goal.  Something to look forward to, something to fill my time and learn something new.  Sue directed me to several programs to choose from. After much research I felt the best fit for me was Health Coach Institute.

Now that dream has become a reality. I’ve become a certified health and life coach.