Small Steps To Move More

Apr 24, 2022 | Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Helpful Tips

Moving our bodies is so important for those of us with fibromyalgia and chronic pain.  If we stay in one place too long our bodies can develop even more pain. In the past, my pain was so excruciating I didn’t want to move at all. I was literally “frozen in pain”.  I feared if I got up and moved around my pain would take me over the top. I asked myself,  “How in the world could I handle anymore pain?” 

I have since learned to move and work through my pain.  I understand now the initial pain when I get up and start moving around will slowly subside. During my many years with fibromyalgia I have acquired knowledge and tools to manage my pain. With these new skills I started the process to regain some of the life I had before my big flare. 

Gradually, I went from stepping outside into the fresh air on our deck, to putting on my tennis shoes for short walks around our yard.  As I progressed I was able to build up enough energy to take short walks on a nearby trail along a beautiful small river.  The river walks renewed my passion for landscape photography.

For over ten years now, I’ve been enjoying (1.5 mile) walks on a regular basis. I especially love when my husband comes along. In the colder months, I walk on my treadmill watching something fun on YouTube.  Walking isn’t the only activity I enjoy.  I’m one of those people who crank up the music and dance in the privacy of my own home.  However,  my favorite activity right now, is running around playing with my young grandchildren. 

I realize that each of us with fibromyalgia are unique. What may work for one, may not work for another.  I’m sharing this to encourage anyone who feels stuck, to try little steps towards more movement. Change requires courage and willingness to try new things.  Small changes can produce positive results and are easier to accomplish.

It is important to acknowledge and understand that with fibromyalgia and chronic pain there will be days when we cannot be active.  There are times when we will have set backs or flares.  It’s important to listen to our body, be patient and kind to ourselves, and allow the time we need to recover.  When we are feeling better, then we can start moving again.

Activities: walk, dance, yoga, swim, mini trampoline, tennis, pingpong, stretching, hike, light aerobics, kayaking, canoeing, frisbee, cycling, biking, light weights, chair exercises, bowling, stair steps, golfing and even cleaning up or organizing your home is a great way to move! The list is endless.  

(Please check with your physician before making any significant changes to your physical activities)