What Fills You Up With Love?

Feb 26, 2022 | Fibromyalgia, Helpful Tips

What Fills You Up With Love?

A sweet reminder that love plays a healthy role in our lives. Living with fibromyalgia is challenging enough, especially searching for answers in the medical world.

It’s just okay to pause from it all and reset. One way to do this is to feel the love that surrounds us. Love comes in so many ways and the following are just to name a few.

Love can be felt by either giving or receiving.
Love of family, friends, a pet of your own or an animal someone shares.
Love the person you are today because you are beautiful.
Love can come from our spiritual being and lift us up.
Love from wonderful memories can bring loving thoughts and love can be felt when thinking of something fun in the future.
Love of nature’s beauty. Flowers, trees, ocean, mountains, river, butterflies.
Love from a hobby can brighten the day. Artwork, woodwork, yarn and fabric creations, photography, baking, gardening.
Love of travel or just thinking of this brings you a calming.

When life gets tough with fibromyalgia and chronic pain, let me encourage you to pause and give yourself the gift of Love and embrace these feelings for a while or reach out to the ones you love.

I would love to hear what gifts of love you have?