Mindful Eating

Mar 31, 2022 | Fibromyalgia, Helpful Tips, Mindfulness

Mindful Eating

Do you know who you are, when you eat?
Sounds like a silly question, I know. However, it can be beneficial to understand why it’s important to know the answer to this question in  living with fibromyalgia and chronic pain.
When feeling rushed, in a lot of pain, anxious or stressed out, the body doesn’t digest food the same. If the body is in a relax state we can pause and notice to chew our food slower and longer. This allows the saliva in our mouths to activate its enzymes. These enzymes breaks down the food which creates a healthier digestive system. Another bonus to this process, the body store less fat.

Next time you’re sitting down to eat a meal, consider the following;

Check-In.  Ask yourself , “How do I feel emotionally and physically”.
Create calmness.  Example; close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths in and slowly exhale and/or close your eyes and visualize a person or a place that brings you joy.
Pause to give thanks for your meal. Gratitude does a soul good.

During a meal try the following;

Eat slowly and chew longer.
Several times during the meal take several deep subtle breaths, place your utensil down and/or drink water.
It’s also beneficial to allow yourself to be in the moment without electronic devices at the table.

*Note: I understand and empathize it’s a challenge to create a calm mind and body, especially with pain.  If feeling an eight on a pain scale then try to bring it down to a seven.  If all this is overwhelming, try one or two things at a time and move on to another when you’re  ready.

To attempt something new is a “Victory”!