A New Year for New Changes

Jan 29, 2022 | Fibromyalgia, Helpful Tips

It’s the smallest of changes that can make a world of difference.
I’m one of those people who really like making a “To Do” list. I feel so accomplished when I check off each box. You too? If not give it another try. With fibromyalgia and chronic pain even the smallest of accomplishments can create a “feel good”. If you do nothing else that day you have done something to create “Happy”.

I know in living with fibromyalgia it sometimes doesn’t take much for me to get overwhelmed. Have something you really want to do but feel overwhelmed? Try breaking it down into small parts. The bonus is that you get to check off more boxes and feel more accomplished.


I enjoy sharing my photos with others on my social media. To get this accomplished there’re many steps in order to posted them. Just thinking about these steps can overwhelms me and make me feel as if I don’t even want to bother, because it’s just too much. However, if I take the time to make a step by step “To do” list I can then visually see by taking them on one by one, it’s not all that difficult.

My list maybe long but that’s okay because I really want to post for my family and friends. After I make the list which is a task in it’s own, I start from the top. One day I’ll take the card out of my camera, download them onto my computer, place them in a folder on my desktop and label the folder. If you count these steps I easily made four checks marks off my list.
Now how do I feel?I feel accomplished in making great progress towards my ultimate goal. I even look forward in checking off more little boxes the next day.

What is it that you would like to change up and accomplish? Do you have another way that helps you achieve your goals? Please share in the comments below.